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Dialysis is extremely expensive and many people cannot afford the continuous, sometimes life-long expense of dialysis. With the Aswas scheme, Don Bosco Hospital tries to reach..


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General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine has trained and very well experienced several senior physicians working as a single team to offer a wide range of services for diagnosis and treatment of multiple medical problems. The department brings to you comprehensive treatments of communicable as well as non-communicable diseases like Hypertension, Dyslipidaemia, Renal, Hepatic and Endocrine disorders like Diabetes Mellitus.

Our specialists focus on preventive and proactive health care. The department is fully equipped for acute medical care and has access to Lab, Radiology and other major as well as sub speciality departments etc. to cater to patients with multiple health problems. Round the clock supportive care of patients is provided here. The Internal Medicine department deals with patients with infections, autoimmune disorders, genetic disorders, metabolic syndromes, rheumatological diseases and haematological problems.


  • Dr. Poulose Mathai, MD ( Medical Superintendent )
  • Dr. John Geroge MD,Dip.DIAB,FAGE ( Physician )
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