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Dialysis is extremely expensive and many people cannot afford the continuous, sometimes life-long expense of dialysis. With the Aswas scheme, Don Bosco Hospital tries to reach..


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The Department of Anaesthesiology provides anaesthesia to patients undergoing surgical procedures & pain management services. The department caters to a wide range of surgical specialties and use the latest technologies for anaesthesia care. Our Anaesthetist is an experts in all aspects of anaesthesia and ensure that all anaesthetic and associated equipment is routinely checked and maintained to the highest possible standards.

They remain update on the latest trends in Anaesthesia care by undergoing continuous professional development and in-house training. Our Anaesthesiologist is ably assisted by anaesthesia technicians and the department undertakes administration of anaesthesia in all subspecialties, Preoperative medical evaluations, Perioperative pain management, acute pain, Injections and nerve blocks, Spinal-infusion systems, Obstetrical analgesia and anaesthesia.


  • Dr. Sony George, MBBS, DA ( Anesthesiologist )
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